Regularly Update your Website

Why You Should Regularly Update your Website with Fresh Content

Here we discuss the importance of regularly updating your website and how to come up with a method of making sure it gets done.

How often do you update your website with fresh new content? No News is Bad News as far as modern search engines are concerned. Whilst Content is King with Google and Bing, take note that FRESH ORIGINAL CONTENT is even better.

Regular Fresh Content Helps Websites Rank Higher

Fresh, regularly updated content on your website is not only useful and relevant to your visitors and potential clients, it actually helps with your website’s organic search engine rankings.

  • Regular updates make search engines index your site more often
  • Fresh content keeps your website (and business) relevant to your customers
  • New content gives you more chances to rank for more search terms
  • New content can be added to your email marketing campaigns

A website that never or rarely changes eventually becomes largely irrelevant in modern-day search. Rankings will suffer, and quite rightly.

Back in 2011 Google registered patents which covered the way it’s search algorithm favours fresher content. This has since been refined and honed in order to enhance the search experience for users.

What Kind of Content is Best for my Website?

This will depend on your business.

Some businesses are natural sources of news. Anyone in the catering industry, for example, can publish customer reviews, recipes, dishes-of-the-day and more. If your website is an e-commerce store, then adding new products regularly – or adding special offers – will help.

Some businesses find it hard to generate news items and this is where a little creative thinking is needed. Consider new product launches, new contracts won, your take on industry events, staff additions or promotions – the list is endless when you start to plan.

Create a Content Plan each Month

It helps greatly to come up with a Content Plan for each month. Trying to remember to create new content every few days can be difficult – it is easy to find an excuse to let your efforts slip. On a modern website such as WordPress or Joomla your content can be scheduled to be published at a time and date of your choosing.

Your monthly content can also be automatically fed into your email marketing campaigns, again saving you valuable time.

Integrate with Your Social Media

Broadcasting your website updates to your Social Media profiles can have a staggering effect. Modern websites can be set to automatically broadcast new posts to your Facebook Business Page, your Google Page, your Twitter feed, to LinkedIn and more. So, you only have to write and publish your update once!

The latest websites will automatically format your update specifically for new mobile technologies such as AMP – Accelerated Mobile Project and Facebook Insights. These technologies make use of Google and Facebook servers to cache and serve your content almost instantly to mobile devices. As you would expect, CGain are fully on top of these technologies.

Each broadcast to Social Media should have a link back to the relevant page on your website with the new content on it. This gives your readers more information (than a 140 character tweet can give) and a valuable fresh link back to your site.

Create a Powerful and Irresistable Marketing Undercurrent

Committing to creating regular fresh content on your website creates a very powerful undercurrent to your business marketing strategy. Do it first on your website and let your website broadcast to social media. You can of course still continue to add odd Facebook posts, Tweets and the rest as you go – but let the main force start from your website to maximise your reach, and your return.

This powerful undercurrent will prove to be irresistable. You will attract new business and start to squeeze out your competition.

Consider combining this natural and organic content with occasional paid campaigns. Google Adwords and Facebook Boosts will amplify your efforts and allow you to target those times when you need the extra business.

What If You Don’t Have The Time?

Fortunately we have the answer! For an agreeable monthly fee we can create regular content plans for your business and implement them. In conjunction with this we will provide regular analytic reports on your website hits and your rising search engine rankings. We can also manage any paid campaigns you wish to invest in. Plans start from just £60.00 per month for weekly updates of fresh content.

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