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Local SEO Study – Manchester Jewellers

In the second of a series on Local SEO, we look at the Google performance of the Jewellery category in Manchester.

However, this advice will apply to anywhere in the country – and if you’d like a similarly detailed analysis of your area, feel free to contact us.

Further down this report we’ll be offering analysis of the most popular keywords used by customers looking for Jewellers in Manchester on Google right now, and show ranking positions (at the time of writing). Firstly, we’ll explain what SEO is, look at some best practise tips for web designers and discuss what Google Guidelines say you should be doing.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of improving websites and web pages so that they rank higher on search results pages for relevant keyword search phrases. The most popular search engine online is Google, with over 80% of searches being made on this platform. Google provides us with guidelines on how to build and present a business website to give it the best possible chance of ranking high. There are hundreds of factors in the algorithm it uses. More information here.

Why Should Jewellers Bother With SEO?

A little marketing budget spent correctly on SEO will go a long way. Improving your organic search engine ranking will save you money on Google Ads and other marketing costs. Wouldn’t you prefer your customers to come to your for free? Plus, you get to enjoy the delight of being above your competition!

Most Jewellery Websites in Manchester Need Improvement

We find that very very few Manchester Jewellers have set their websites up properly for organic search. There are plenty of opportunities here for local jewellery businesses to rank higher using just a few simple techniques.

5 Top Local Jewellery SEO Best-Practice Guidelines

  1. Make sure your business is showing on Google Maps, Bing Places, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook! These are all free, so make good use of them.
  2. Add your business details to as many other local citation directories as possible. Think Yell, Yelp, Find-Open, Cyclex, Thomson Local, 118-118 and countless others. These all offer free listings. Once registered, you will sadly be bombarded by sales reps trying to sell you ‘premium’ listings, but in our experience these can be a waste of money. You will also receive sales calls from marketing agencies who subscribe to these platforms to be notified when a new business signs up. Again, these are usually a waste of money.
  3. Ensure that your Name, Address, Phone Number and Opening Hours are consistent on all platforms, especially on your website, social media and directory listings.
  4. Make sure that your website loads quickly and is mobile-friendly. With most of your customers searching for you on mobile devices, having a slow website can have a negative effect on your ranking positions. Plus it needs to resolve the searcher’s intent quickly and clearly. Your address, opening hours and phone number should be prominent, with a photo gallery, reviews and your products easily accessible.
  5. Reviews are essential!! Studies show that on average, 61% of jewellery store customers have looked at reviews before visiting. Moreover, around 34% of customers have chosen a store based solely on reviews.

You Have To Live With Online Reviews!!

Like it or not, online reviews are uber-important to local businesses. The two best review platforms happen to be free in Google and Facebook. Trust us, you don’t need to subscribe to any paid-for review platforms!

Schema Code for Jewellery Store Websites

Introduced over the last few years, provides a consistent method of ‘marking-up’ businesses so that Google and Bing can categorise them and rank them much easier. Surprisingly, over 95% of jewellery store websites contain none of this code and are significantly losing out to those who do. We regard Schema as essential to any website build, but not everyone has caught on. Obviously, this is great for our clients!

Correct Schema markup can result in Google revealing ‘Rich Snippets’ in Google Search listings. These can be a section of FAQs, events, offers and more.

Your website homepage should be marked up as ‘JewelryStore’ along with other Schema such as ‘openingHours’, ‘paymentAccepted’, ‘priceRange’, ‘address’, ‘aggregateRating’, ‘areaServed’, ‘location’, ‘logo’, ‘geo’. Amongst others.

Wait. You’re not doing this already? You need to contact us to sort this out, asap!

The Top Keyword Searches for Jewellery in Manchester

We obtain this data from our software analytic tools which we pay thousands of pounds a year for. Well worth it, as you will see! We only look at data on Google Search, as this has over 80% of search traffic in this industry.

We have deliberately omitted any brand search terms and cut the list short by only including search terms with an average monthly search volume of 100 or more.

DIFFICULTY – This is a score from 0-100 calculated on how difficult it would be to hit the first page of Google Search (Top 10). 0 is easy, 100 means ‘forget it’.

VOLUME – The average number of monthly searches on Google in the last 6 months.

CPC – The average ‘cost-per-click’ if you were running a Google Ads Campaign on the keyword.

jewellers manchester 3 600 £1.20
manchester jewellers 3 450 £1.00
engagement rings manchester 3 350 £5.00
jewellers in manchester 2 300 £1.10
wedding bands manchester 2 300 £4.50
wedding band manchester 5 250 £4.00
independent jewellers manchester 18 200 £1.10
rolex manchester 6 200 £1.40
watch repair manchester 1 150 £1.00
watch shop manchester 2 150 £0.70
watches manchester 4 150 £0.60
jewellery manchester 2 150 £1.00
jewellers manchester arndale 0 100 £2.00
top jewellers manchester 0 100 £1.60
jewellers manchester city centre 1 100 £0.45
wedding rings manchester 12 100 £1.50
jewellery repairs manchester 0 100 £1.40
second hand jewellery manchester 19 100 £0.70
antique jewellery manchester 21 100 £0.60
gold shop manchester 11 100 £1.20
jewellery wholesalers manchester 34 100 £0.90
watch repairs manchester 5 100 £1.00
jewellery shops manchester 2 100 £1.40
jewellery shops in manchester 1 100 £1.10
diamonds manchester 34 100 £1.60
cartier manchester 2 100 £0.70
manchester rolex dealers 6 100 £1.00

What Does This Data Tell Us?

The most used search term for the local industry is ‘jewellers manchester’. Let’s have alook at the results in Google Search…

AHREFS RANK – This is the rank of a website from AHREFS out of the hunfreds of millions of websites in their database, lower is better.
DOMAIN RATING – The relevant ‘backlink quality’ score of a website out of 100.
URL RATING – The ‘backlink quality’ score of a webpage out of 100. Both internal and external links are counted.
BACKLINKS – The number of website page backlinks to the webpage.
DOMAINS – The number of web domains linking to the page.
TRAFFIC – The estimated monthly traffic to a webpage.
NO. OF KEYWORDS – The number of keywords that the web page ranks for.
TOP KEYWORD – The keyword that brings the most traffic to the web page.
VOLUME – The average monthly search volume of the top keyword.
SSL – Does the webpage have a secure ‘https’ certificate?
SCHEMA – Is code being correctly implemented on this website?

Competitor AHREFS Rank Domain Rating URL Rating Backlinks Referring Domains Traffic No. of Keywords Top Keyword Volume SSL? CORRECT SCHEMA?
Mappin & Webb Manchester 829,000 47 15 14 8 587 51 manchester jewellers 450 Yes No
Beaverbrooks Manchester 443,000 53 15 9 6 622 76 jewellers manchester 600 Yes No
Hancocks 21,000,000 7 31 158 66 2445 164 hancocks 7500 Yes No
Ernest Jones 144,000 65 10 0 0 293 41 jewellers manchester 600 Yes No
Fraser Hart 1,400,000 40 13 3 2 338 65 fraser hart manchester 200 Yes No
Diamond Heaven 1,800,000 38 17 15 7 309 52 engagement rings manchester 350 Yes Almost
Boodles Manchester 464,000 53 12 5 2 205 32 jewellers manchester 600 Yes No
Jenny Jones 35,000,000 3 23 75 31 331 115 independent jewellers manchester 200 Yes No
Goldsmiths 167,000 64 13 0 0 387 10 watch shop manchester 150 Yes No
Chisholm Hunter 2,400,000 35 8 0 0 261 59 chisholm hunter manchester 150 Yes Almost

What Conclusions Do We Draw?

Firstly, well done to Mappin & Webb for being top of organic search for ‘jewellers manchester’! With only a handful of referring domains and incorrect Schema though, they are open to being outranked by a savvy competitor.

Despite a low AHREFS Rank, Hancocks are in prime position to exploit should they clean up their backlink profile from spammy links and sort their Schema out.

Ernest Jones, Goldsmiths and Chisholm Hunter have no backlinks. A concerted effort to earn some relevant ones will serve them well.

Out of all the top ten only two domains have almost correct Schema. A little effort here could work wonders.


Written by Chris Giles F IDM
CGain Web Design & SEO

About The Author
Chris Giles is the owner and founder of  the web design and SEO Agency, CGain Web Design & SEO. Chris contributes regularly to several leading websites with his specialist insights on SEO.