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Make your Website the Central Hub for your Online Marketing

Your website needs to be the central hub of your digital marketing strategy. Many businesses post regularly on social media platforms such as Facebook, but the problem is that these posts only ever reach a small percentage of the people ‘liking’ that page. Here’s how to get the most from your didgital marketing efforts…

Your website absolutely MUST have a ‘Latest News’ section. If it doesn’t, talk to us – we’ll set one up for you. Once set up correctly, all newsworthy items should be published FIRST on your website.

WHY? Well, one of the many triggers that sends your webpage to the top of Google’s rankings is this – Is the website regularly updated? By posting EVERY news item onto your website first, you will ensure that your website stays current.

You may ask – ‘So does that mean I have to post stuff on my website and THEN on Facebook etc.?’ Actually, no. We’re able to code your website news section so that every time you publish a news item, it will AUTOMATICALLY post itself to your business Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page.

Not only does this feature save you in effort, it also provides valuable links back to your website from social media.

Our websites are fully compliant with all social media platforms – we integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Trip Advisor, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

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