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POS – Point of Sale – Solutions for WordPress and Woocommerce

With the many sales platforms available, retailers often have the problem of synchronising their stock levels. With the same products being sold from the physical store, a website, Amazon and Ebay, issues can easily arise.

The most common problem is that of a retailer taking an order online only to find that the item has already been sold on another platform. This can lead to dissatisfied customers and often negative feedback on merchant platforms such as Amazon and Ebay.

Our Solution for  Cross Platform Retailers

The POS Solution

Our POS solution works as a standalone application on a Windows 10 PC. Incredibly fully featured, it supports tens of thousands of products with full stock inventory and is compatible with standard barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers.

There are several Woocommerce plugins for POS but these have proved too slow in real-life use. This is why we recommend this standalone PC application.

Most importantly, our POS solution integrates seamlessly with WordPress and Woocommerce, providing full stock inventory synchronisation. Products can be created on or imported into the POS, then published to your website or vice versa.

It works offline and online, meaning that even in the event of you losing internet access, your POS system can still take sales in your store. – synchronising with your ecommerce website when your connection is back up.

You can add multiple users to your POS and even multiple stores. The scalability is endless.

Our POS solution is very cost-effective indeed, prices start from under £50 per month for 2 users.

The E-Commerce Website

When set up correctly, a website built with WordPress and Woocommerce will become a powerful sales tool for your business – taking orders 24/7. When integrated with our POS system, stock is automatically synchronised in near real time.

Amazon and Ebay Shops

Using specialist Woocommerce plugins we can seamlessly synchronise and integrate your website with your Amazon and Ebay stores. Publish products to these platforms from your website easily and see orders appear on your website dashboard.

Fully Integrated Sales and Inventory

Stock levels can be fully synchronised across platforms. Sell an item on Amazon and the stock will be reduced on your website, then Ebay, then your POS! A stock feed from suppliers can be automatically imported and synchronised into our EPOS, showing you, and customers, what is available.




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