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Is your business operating it’s Facebook Page correctly? Follow our tips to make the most of this amazing and free social media marketing tool. Every business needs a Facebook Business Page. If you do not already have one, make one. It’s totally free. If you don’t know how, speak to us and we’ll help!

Many small business owners post their updates on their Facebook Page without too much thought or strategy, often posting heavily for a few days and then pausing for weeks.

It is relatively unknown but like Google, Facebook has a news feed algorithm which calculates where on the page your status update is shown to your followers. Facebook have stated that there are as many as 100,000 weighting factors in their news feed algorithm. Sounds complicated, but like Google’s Search Algorithm, it is mainly based on common sense. You need to optimise your posts with that in mind.


1) Content

Your followers are just that, they ‘follow’ because you bring them something they want. Think about what your customers and followers may want before you post. Technical information on a new product may not swing it for them, but mention a discount or special offer and they’ll follow you anywhere! Related industry news is also recommended, the more relevant to your followers the better. They will see your page as giving them value and well worth continuing to follow. The occasional local community issue goes down well, you will hopefully be seen as a caring and responsible member of it. Promote good causes and share good deeds. You don’t have to ‘sell’ something with every post.

A car dealer I know took to taking a picture of every new car owner with their new car and – after asking their permission – posted it as a status. The response was phenonenal.

Remember too that Facebook is ‘social’ media. People predominantly use Facebook to interact with friends and family. Posts about a staff outing (keep them clean) or a funny photo from the office can reap dividends and help followers ‘buy in’ to your business.

2) Less Is More

Constantly bombarding followers with posts and status updates is genuinely a no-no. You will lose more followers than you gain. Concentrate on providing regular updates that are of value to your followers. Unless of course you have lots of original cat videos – then they are fair game!

3) Timing

Schedule your posts to appear at the time when most of your followers will see them. A status update late at night after a hard day’s slog may be the only time you have to post, but it won’t be seen by many of your followers. By the time they are next on Facebook it may probably be buried at the bottom of a long list of notifications.

Facebook now lets you schedule posts in advance. Think about your ‘prime time’, and schedule accordingly.

4) Location, location, location

Make sure to add a location in your posts, this gives a local business a massive advantage over competing national organisations. For default updates, use your town.

You can also target specific locations in your posts, allowing only followers in that location to see them.

5) Tagging

Facebook has stopped the advantages of tagged posts from your page but these are still useful to interact with your followers – and that should be the main goal. Tag other organisations and businesses occasionally by using the ‘@’ in your posts – a likely list will pop up.

6) A picture paints a thousand words

Adding a picture or photo creates much more attention. Pick something relevant to your subject or make something yourself.

7) Emphasise your BIG posts

Choose to ‘highlight’ a post and it will spread across both columns of your homepage.

Choose to ‘pin’ a post and it will stay at the top of your timeline.

8) Boost Your Top Posts

However many ‘likes’ and followers you have for your Business page, only around 20% will see your normal posts. By paying Facebook to ‘boost’ your top posts you can guarantee that your selected audience will see them. Very useful for any special offers or events you may be organising.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you will have found some useful tips above and can start to improve your Facebook Page updates and in turn bring in more business and interest. Feel free to share this information with any business guilty of underusing or abusing their Facebook Page!

Alternatively, we can help to uprade your Facebook Page and come up with a campaign specific to your business. This can be included in the work we do fo you in return for a small monthly retainer, along with website updates and development, SEO, blog posts, design for print and general marketing strategies.

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