Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Your website may look pretty to you, but is it search engine friendly? Google and Bing expect it to load quickly and have an ‘infrastructure’ in the coding behind your website’s ‘face’, this makes it easier for them to index and categorise your content – and thus present more relevant information to their users. Hence the phrase – ‘search engine friendly’.

We provide search engine friendly infrastructure services to both website owners and web design companies and freelancers. An initial health check report costs just £50 (refundable against future work), where we identify areas in which we can dramatically improve your site and it’s performance in organic search.

We’ll then be able to further advise on an ongoing maintenance program for your website including regular updates, social media marketing and much more if you wish. Use the Payment button below to order.

Most websites are not Search Engine Friendly

The vast majority of websites out there, even those developed by professional web designers, do not tick all the boxes when it comes to having a correct SEO infrastructure. The main reason is that websites have become much easier to develop by the inexperienced. Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla! and the plethora of e-commerce solutions provide an off-the-shelf package which – at heart – perform to only the most basic of SEO standards.

This is great news for you of course, because once your website IS search engine friendly you will have an advantage.

Even with great, original content your website may not perform optimally in search engines for competitive keywords without a solid SEO foundation and infrastructure.

White Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for your website is a very complex process with almost everybody having an opinion. We only use best-practice procedures as advised by Google and Bing – you can be assured that we do not use any ‘black-hat’ or ‘spam’ techniques to increase your website’s visibility. We are experienced on working on all types of website – HTML, ASP.NET, Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Magento, OSCommerce and many more.

Is Your Website Slow?

Our work starts with a deep-level code check of your site and a check on it’s PageSpeed. Slow-loading pages will be a detriment to your search engine rankings.

Keyword Analysis

We then move on to gain an understanding of the products and services your business offers, followed by research into the search terms, phrases and keywords your potential customers are using to find those products and services. Basics.

Website Infrastructure

Search Engines then need to see proper Page Titles and Page Descriptions (unique for every page) as well as correctly formatted Heading Tags – all of which need to be relevant to the content on the page and of course relevant to the search terms your customers are using. Websites in certain industry sectors will benefit from some of the lesser-known coding tags. Restaurants, for example, are prime for this expert attention – and over 95% of these websites currently lack these key attributes.

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