Spring Clean Your Website

Spring Clean Your Website

Anytime is always a good time to review and refresh your website. Web Guidelines from Google are constantly developing. Follow these tips and you will not go wrong!

Check Everything!
Check each page. Is all the crucial information correct, such as your address, phone number, services offered, opening hours and prices?
Is all your product information correct?
Do all the links and menus still work?
If you have a contact form or signup, does this work OK?

Simple changes to information are FREE, just let me know exactly what needs changing and it will be done.

Device & Browser Compliance
Does the website work OK on a mobile device? On computers with different screen sizes? On different internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox?

If not, you may well need a quick free fix, or an upgrade to your website.

E-Commerce Considerations
If your website is taking payment for any of your products or services, it is now recommended to be SSL (secure socket layer) enabled. Google really likes SSL enabled websites and gives them more ranking points in search listings. An SSL enabled website shows a nice green lock at the top in your browser bar and assures visitors that the site is safe and that their privacy is being protected.
An SSL Certificate costs just £75.00 per year for most small businesses and can be set up for you within a few days.

Social Media Integration
If your website has links to your Business Social Media Accounts, do they still work? Is your Social Media regularly updated?
If you do have Social Media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, and they are not integrated into your website, talk to me and let’s fix that.
Most businesses benefit hugely from a Social Media marketing plan. Content can be scheduled to go out on Facebook, for example, at regular intervals – and boosted with a small budget to broadcast to a wider audience.
Many businesses will manage their Social Media marketing themselves, but I do offer plans from £50 per month if needed.

New Information
Do you have new products, services or even some news? It is very important to keep your website refreshed with new information – Google likes this.
You may be able to make these changes yourself on your own website. If not, book me in for some hours and we will go through it together.

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