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Website Security – Upgrade Your Site to SSL & HTTPS

Website security experts all agree on one thing at least – if your website is taking online payment or collecting sensitive information from users then it MUST be SSL enabled.

Googe Ranks Secure Sites Higher

Google, amongst other search engines, has now started to rank SSL enabled websites higher – as they are more trustworthy for the user.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) gives your website a ‘HTTPS’ rather than a ‘HTTP’ URL. So, would have ‘https’ at the front.

If SSL is set up correctly, your web browser should display a green lock icon top left – to assure visitors that their experience on your website will be safe and secure.

The Cost of SSL

An SSL Certificate for your website is FREE when you host your website with CGain and provides a secure and encrypted connection for your visitors. Experts advise, for example, that you should NEVER shop online or provide sensitive information without seeing that green lock.

As standard, we now set up e-commerce websites or those collecting sensitive information with ‘always-on-SSL’. So, SSL is active on EVERY page. Some websites only activate SSL on login or checkout pages, but this is a security risk.

Even if your site is simply a ‘brochure site’ or a news portal and does not process online payments or collect sensitive data from users, your search engine organic rankings will benefit from SSL.

Contact us if you think you need SSL on your website.

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